Letter from Officer Grant on Break-Ins

On October 26, 2014 by aschlieper

Within the past week we have had a couple of residential break-ins that I have gotten several e-mails about requesting additional information. Instead of responding to the individuals, I wanted to make sure that everyone received the same information about the break-ins.

At this point we have reason to believe that two of the break-ins involve the same suspect and/or same group of subjects. Both of these break-ins, one in the Polo View Neighborhood and the other in the Raeburn Neighborhood, have common associates who have been or still are involved in drug activity. At this time we have issued warrants for one suspect and are actively trying to find him to interview him.

The third break-in occurred in the Ballanmoor Neighborhood last Tuesday, October 14, 2014. The resident was at home working from their office when an unknown subject entered the house. The resident encountered the subject and ran out of the house to a neighbor’s house to call 911. The suspect did not make any attempts to approach or assault the victim. The victim observed a small, white, clean vehicle backed in the driveway as they ran behind the vehicle. The victim described the suspect as approximately 5’7″ tall and possibly a black male. They advised that he was wearing a black mask and could only see his eyes. He was also wearing a dark green or olive coat and dark pants and shoes. The suspect was in the downstairs master bedroom prior to the victim discovering he was in the house; however, no items were found missing.
The description in the last residential break-in matches two other cases that occurred on the same day, one in the Steele Creek Division and one in York County, SC. We are working with both the Steele Creek Division and York County Sheriff’s Department to try and identify the suspect and the suspect vehicle.
If you have any information on the above break-ins please contact me either by e-mail or phone.

Officer P.M. Grant
South Division, Response Area 2
Community Coordinator
8050 Corporate Center Drive, Suite 100
Charlotte, NC, 28226
(704) 544-4835

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